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Why use a Kennel instead of a Pet Sitter?

Do you want a stranger going into your home while you are not there? Of course not.

Do you want to worry about your dog while you are away? Of course not.

Do you want your dog to have a relaxing, worry-free vacation? Of course you do!

Alex's Pet Salon & Lodge is a boarding kennel. While it may not look "homelike", our facility has comfortable housing that is able to be cleaned and sanitized easily. It was designed to keep your dog safe. Beds, bowls and toys are cleaned daily. Play yards are secured with commercial grade fencing with proper height. By making sure your dog is safe and secure, you do not have to worry about them eating something inappropriate, destroying furniture or personal items, or being injured by strange animals.

We are a family-run business with decades of experience. We have cared for dozens of breeds and have the knowledge to keep your dog happy and healthy until your return. We specialize in special needs. Is your dog shy? Does he require medication? Is she aggressive with other animals? Does he have separation anxiety? Not a problem! Your dog is an important part of your family. We will make sure their specific needs are met during their stay.

We are fully licensed and insured.

Will my dog get to play with other dogs and make friends?

Your dog will be able to go out in the play yard and see other dogs through the fence. Our philosophy is that it is not safe to put strange dogs together. While we can usually assess whether or not a dog would be safe in a play group, things can and often do go wrong! Dogs are pack animals that rule by aggression, both physical and emotional. Someone has to be the leader and the others are the followers. When this works out poorly, dogs get hurt. Our first and foremost concern is for your dog's safety. This is why we maintain this strict policy. If you have multiple dogs staying with us and you want them to play together, we can make that accommodation.

How much personal attention will my pet get?

My family and I are in and out of the kennel several times each day. Our home is right next to the kennel, so we are never far away. Pets who stay here for an extended time are like part of our family and we make sure to spend extra time with them so that they stay happy and feel loved.

If you are looking for extra attention and exercise, Victoria and Emily (and sometimes Catherine) offer walk and play time around the bogs and in the woods at the back of our property. The rate is $6 per half hour and can be scheduled with with a great deal of flexibility. No extra charge for doggie selfies!

Can I send a friend or family member to visit our pet?

We discourage visits during your dog's stay. Some dogs go through separation anxiety when you leave them. Depending on how often your dog is boarded with us, the anxiety might last from a few minutes to a day. By visiting your dog during his stay, you create the anxiety over and over. Dogs, unlike humans, have no concept of time. After the initial period of anxiety, your dog will accept us as his new new pack and settle into the routine very quickly. This way, he knows the next time he sees you, you will be bringing him home.

Do I need to bring beds and toys?

That is not necessary. We provide beds and blankets that can be washed daily, as they fit in our washing machine. We also have plenty of safe toys. We use food bowls and water buckets that are cleaned daily. If you feel that your dog has a special something that he can't live without, of course you may bring it. However, it is your responsibility to ask for it at the time of departure. We try very hard to be on top of making sure everything you bring will go home with you and your dog. Sometimes with all the excitement at pickup time things get left behind.

Do I need to bring my own pet food?

Food is included in the fee for boarding. We regularly feed Purina Lamb & Rice mixed our own homemade "dog stew" as well as Bil-Jac products. If your dog has special dietary needs or you would prefer to not change his/her food, we are able to accommodate your request. Simply bring along your dog's food. We are able to heat, refrigerate or freeze food products as required. We are also fully capable of administering medications (oral or topical) as well as giving insulin shots.

What happens if my dog gets sick?

Unless it is a life threatening situation, we will always try to contact you or an emergency contact first. Next we will call either your veterinarian or ours (Middleboro Animal Clinic) depending on the emergency. If it is after hours, we will contact the closest emergency veterinary clinic. You will be responsible for all vet bills.

My dog is aggressive with strangers and/or has special needs, can you accommodate that?

Alex's Pet Salon & Lodge specializes in dogs that are difficult. We can safely care for dogs that might be aggressive towards strangers or other dogs. We are also able to care for dogs with medical problems as well as geriatric dogs. We will safely board dogs that other kennels will not take. Why? EXPERIENCE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE! Call us to discuss your dog's special needs.

How is my dog going to handle all the barking?

Well, the dogs don't bark all the time. Unfortunately when you come to visit the kennel the dogs here do not know you. Does your dog bark at home when a stranger comes to the door? Well, the dogs do the same thing here. During the day when clients are not here the dogs recognize me and my family and are fairly quiet. Drop off/pick up time is very exciting, so there is usually a lot of barking.

Why can't I drop my pet off early or pick him/her after hours?

We maintain a strict schedule at the kennel. Exercise and playtime are all during certain hours. Feeding, cleaning, grooming, treat time, bed time, etc. are all done the same time each day and evening. Pets, like children, enjoy having a schedule. Going off schedule upsets the routine and makes less quite times. We also respect our neighbors and do not want unnecessary noise too early in the morning or too late in the day.

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